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Barton Aquaduct

Barton Aquaduct - ever heard fof it ? Neither had I until I found a 'geeky' website called The Register.

There is a saying 'There is nothing new under the sun', which basically says that any new fangled invention today is either a direct copy or rehash of something done years ago.

One marvel of the modern age is the Falkirk Wheel. A massive structure which lifts barges from one level to another using two huge bathtubs which are able to carry barges in situ between two differing levels. Fair enough.

So, consider a slightly different problem - that of carrying a canal over a river but also be able to move the canal out of the way of large ships passing up/down the river. In the 19th Century ... See this -

The victorian engineers had to devise something (a big trough) which could carry a length of the canal over the river (the Manchester Ship Canal) which could be moved. The whole caboodle weighs around 1500 TONS.

Read the article, I found it amazing.

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