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Re: New review of E-3 in DpReview


You are absolutely correct. Leveittown, New York was built so that the returning vets from WWII could have their own homes and not have to live with their parents. 17,774 homes were built and the stating price at the time was $6990 (refridgerator, washer and TV included)place?

My father was in Paton's 8Th Army as a medic who took bodies out of B26s and B17s after their missions over Europe. I even have recorded letters home to my grandmother from your man in the service. They are on 78 RPM records and were recorded on base while in training and were done by Pepsi Cola. A nickle a bottle back then for 10 oz versus 7 oz for Coke a Cola.

All of the homes here in Leveittown have servived gracefully over the fifty years since they were built. After the first project was finished here in New York, Levitt and Sons built another Levittown in Pennsylvania, and then in Florida.

We are very proud of our second and third genration hom owners in Levittown and it just defines what the boys were fighting for "Over There" back in the 1940s.

Dennis G
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