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Some shots from Vienna... E-510 high ISO (6 shots)

Hi All

Well, I visited Vienna recently for a business meeting on Monday, but arrived in time for a walk around one of the many beautiful Christmas markets they have dotted around the town at this time of year.

I decided that as I only had my old E-510 with me (E-3 = broke!), that I should go for bust, ramp up the ISO to the max for this camera (ISO1600) and just say what the heck... shoot whatever, and what I get, I get!

OK, there's a lot of noise in these shots - which is only as you'd expect from the E-510 - but to be honest LR3 does a pretty decent job of cleaning them up a little and I ended up being fairly pleased with them. I was in company and so couldn't stop as and when I wanted to, so many of the shots I took are rushed. You can see in some of them that it was pelting down with snow, and the camera and lens (14-54mm) were drenched. The E-510 is not marketed as a weather proof camera and so I did take a risk using it in those conditions! Anyway, they show a significant lack of photographic prowess... but here's a small selection nonetheless.

Colourful baubles

City Hall, Christmas Market

City Hall in the snow

Pelting snow...

Noise...? what noise...

Loved the reds!

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