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Re: New review of E-3 in DpReview

Originally Posted by dennisg View Post

I have used Mamiya 645s, Mamiya's 220 and 330 Twin Reflex cameras and the weight will not be a problem. At times it's nice to feel the camera.

Since I do own the 12-54 mm and the kit 40-150 mm zooms, and a FL-50 strobe already, the body is reachable. I will probably hold on to the 500 and have a backup since that trade-in value at the time of purchasing the E-3 will be not worth the trade-in value

Again, thanks!

Try to get to see an E-3 and check it out first hand. Compare it with the competition. One big revelation will be the viewfinder view, which is now enormous thanks to the new tilted pentaprism Olympus uses. The size and weight is about the same as its competitors, which some have criticised because of the Olympus marketing message of Four Thirds being a compact platform. But for a camera of this type, the users have dictated over the years that the size and weight that has evolved is ideal for best handling, especially when used with big lenses.

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