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Smile Re: New review of E-3 in DpReview


Thank you so much for your expedicious reply. The only reason why I posted this, is that it seemd to take all the fluff away from the camera, the manufacturer, and the magazine ads. I would think that the camera can stand very tall on its own merrits, but reading some of the "cons" made me take a step backwards and ponder the issues presented.

I have taken some wonderful shots in Florida this past month with ,my E500and I plan to post them in a galery. Thus my expectations for E-3 are quite high to say the least.

One thing that I failed to mention is that the dpreview's post did state that Olympus really needs to find a better 4/3 sensor to resolve the issues posted, thus would take this camera and any other to follow in the Olympus line to where they belong in the pack.

Regards from over here on this side of the pond,

Dennis G
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