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Re: Exposure compensation

Originally Posted by Paulpp View Post
Had an interesting discussion with someone this evening who thought that exposure compensatiion must adjust either aperture or shutter speed whereas I thought it was electronic wizardry?
Would be grateful to be proved right (or otherwise).
And in exposure bracketing I presume if in aperture priority then the shutter speed is varied and vice versa?
Hi Paul

Sorry, but humble pie is on the menu... your friend is correct. Exposure compensation does adjust the shutter speed or exposure - depending on what mode you are in.

If in 'A' - then dialing in -1ev for exposure compensation will increase the shutter spead by 1 stop, and if in 'S' then dialing in -1ev for exposure compensation will close the aperture (higher f number) by 1 stop.

Exposure bracketing is where you set the aperture, and if you say have -1, 0 and +1 for three bracketed shots; the shutter speed is amended for;
  • -1 (shorter exposure by 1 stop)
  • 0 (correct shutter speed used)
  • +1 (longer exposure by 1 stop)
Hope this helps.

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