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Re: Charger for E-3

Originally Posted by Wreckdiver View Post
Olympus supply the AC-1 PSU for the E-3 which has a proprietary connector that fits the camera. Whether this charges the batteries in situ I don't know. What I do know is that the PSU costs a whopping 165 from Warehouse Express.

The PSU itself is 9V at probably no more than an amp or so, so finding an alternative PSU wouldn't be a problem. The problem is the connector which you certainly won't get.

There aren't any AC-1s or copies on Fleebay (that I could find). So looks like the only option is to contact Olympus (or maybe Ian will know) and see if the AC-1 will charge in-situ and then fork out some serious dosh

Thank you for your reply, most kind. This was`nt exactly what I was looking for, however if it`s the only option then I will buy one, it is one very expensive power supply though.
Regards James.
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