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Exclamation Option to assign RAW greyed out.

I've just received my second E-M1 mk2 and whilst setting up the memory cards I was reminded of an unresolved problem I have with my first mk2:-

When selecting the recording quality for a memory card, the RAW option is greyed out. All the others, including RAW + JPEG are available.

I've found the answer by fiddling around, and it will likely apply to the E-M1X as well: in my case it happens when I have the Keystone Compensation feature available (Menu>Camera2>Keystone Comp>On.

If I turn that off then I can choose RAW only on my preferred card slot. I use that feature a lot so have assigned it to toggle on and off using the lens function button, and so whenever I select RAW recording the card instantly resets to RAW + L(N) if I press the lens function button or when I turn it on within the menu.

I also discovered yesterday that contrary to what an Olympus sales rep told me, Keystone Compensation is NOT performed by sensor shifting. When I compared RAW and JPEGs of the same shots, the JPEG had the correction but the RAW file did not.

So I assume that Olympus chose to make sure that any image shot with that correction applied would compulsorily be paired as an uncorrected RAW plus the corrected JPEG.

It's annoying and unnecessary for me as I like to make my own choices, and in this case cannot do as I wish which is to store RAW on card 1 and the paired JPEG at L(arge) F(one quality compression) to card 2.

Not that I've tried it out, but using the same logic I assume that any other non-standard JPEG such as when using the ART filters or monochrome modes will also force RAW users to save as a RAW + JPEG.
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