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Re: Road Was Bahr-r-r-rd

Originally Posted by Beagletorque View Post
Very interesting processing. Nice over sharpening type texture to the trees, road and fleeces. Is this a phone shot or the Oly?
I assume the flock was just taking advantage of a shady patch?
It's a phone shot through the window; Oly on back seat. To step out to get it would have probably spooked the mob.
A while later the farmer rocked up in a ute with two collies who quickly drove them into a paddock. Nice seeing them at work.
They belonged to Nadia's neighbour, a mile or so down the road. She said he was simply transferring them from another paddock.
Originally Posted by OM USer View Post
You need the sheep whisperer (an advert on UK telly for something or other - can't remember).
Yep, a sheep whisperer could have rounded 'em up! Actually, Nadia is a horse whisperer ,
She breeds Welsh Cobs and there's nothing she can't do with 'em!
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