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Re: Pop-up tent as portable hide

I thought some of you would be interested in seeing how it looks like, after I made improvements.

  1. Cut out 3/4 of the ventilation mesh and fitted a velcro
  2. Cut 2/3 of the "rain curtain" in front of the mesh and fitted a velcro to allow either having it open, closed, or semi-closed depending on lens size
  3. Cut out an opening 15 cm above floor and fitted a velcro.
1. and 2. allow to operate a camera at 70-80cm above ground and also to have an observation viewport (with or without velcro).
3. Is to take photos at low perspective.

Sewing was a bit tricky, took a while to "master" the technique. Could have been done more "professionally", but the design works as intended.


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