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Re: Why are people returning to the E!?

Originally Posted by steverh View Post
I still have my original E1 and it comes out of the store cupboard every now and then for an outing!

The ergonomics are poor by today's standards but it's built like a tank and the colours are wonderful. I have been cataloguing some images from the mid to late 2000's and here are a couple that were put on Flickr at the time.

by Steve Hallam, on Flickr

by Steve Hallam, on Flickr

I ought to re-upload the portrait at a better resolution. I have a lovely A3 print of it which was much admired at camera club last week!

These are from JPGs. I didn't do raw in those days...
Great photo's, shows what this so-called dinosaur is capable of.

However I must disagree with you on the ergonomics.... IMO its ergonomics have not been bettered in any DSLR ... period! It fits ones hand like a glove, becoming an extension of ones arm. Balance is perfect, shutter is sublime, ISO/WB/ buttons where they should be, not in some menu.

The E1 was and still is a very underrated camera, if Olympus were ever to build a replacement ( not going to happen I know ) using the same form factor but with just minor tweaks such as IBIS, larger LCD being ideally articulated I wouldn't think twice about buying one. Yes the E3 & E5 had these but I never really bonded with their handling, the E1 is far superior in that regard.

And yes, that Kodak CCD produces wonderful colours if you work within its usable ISO range.

“Sharpness is a bourgeois concept”
― Henri Cartier-Bresson
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