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Re: Why are people returning to the E!?

I think it's a bit the same like with old cars - they look good, they were built to last and you need to have some skills to handle it. The practical side is very often irrelevant - now every decent phone has way more pixels. For past several years I haven't had time to use camera much but I remember that I used to had a lot better skills taking and framing a photo. In 5Mpix there was not that much of a room to crop, closest to idiotAuto was P mode, only 3 focus points from what I normally had only the center one and very limited usable ISO range. Last year I planned to give this camera to my now 10y old son to start photography but it ended up him taking my E-M10 instead as it was much lighter and easier to handle for his small hand. Now I'm thinking to get the old E-M1 as the prices have dropped... or to get finally a decent glass for the dinosaur.
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