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Re: Will Brits Take Action To Fight Climate Change

Diet. I forgot to rant about that.
How do people, often those with less disposable income, seem to think that somewhere like McDonalds is a place to get a cheap meal?? The cost of a meal in there, including drinks, ought to be enough to feed an entire family for up to a week. That’s not even beginning to cover the crapness of it or the health risks of all that processed ‘food’.
Same with chip shops, I occasionally pick up a small child’s portion for my mum, having just chips myself (I know! But it’s an occasional treat OK ) and am staggered at the cost, yet the chip shop, on a small parade of shops next to social housing, is always packed and it’s not people driving there from more affluent areas either, yet there they are, buying chips at over 2 and paying god knows what for canned drinks. The shop must be an absolute gold mine.
Public transport: appalling if you don’t live in a major city. Over priced and few options. I can imagine those in the DoT scratching their heads about why people complain and then getting chauffeured home in an official car.
My diesel car will be the last I buy, possibly the same with the petrol one too although goodness knows how we’ll travel within the UK with an electric car. The idea of stopping off for a recharge and lunch is all very well but I might not want lunch in a motorway services (unless perhaps it’s those excellent ones at Gloucester) and what if there’s no spare chargers anyway? Do I wait an hour or two or three before I can charge.
I was sold the idea that life would get better! Rubbish!
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