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Re: Conflicting Info from Olympus re 3 Year Extended Warranty

Originally Posted by DavyG View Post
I donít think conflicting databases is the reason in this case Paul.

The information given in the email regarding the expiry date of the current warranty, the Olympus Support rep has exactly the same information.

It appears to me that the rep is interpreting things in a different way to the information given in the Olympus Newsletter email.

I agree, it has nothing to do with databases but probably the fault of Olympus advertising software.

Copy from Olympus FAQ pages

When does the extended warranty begin? The activation of this warranty must be completed within the statutory/implied local warranty period valid in your country. It starts immediately after the expiry of the local warranty period or after other warranty periods, which may have been available within the scope of promotions.

If I understand the above correctly, the extended warranty must be taken out within the original 2 yr period but does not take effect until the extra 6 months has expired. In effect, the original info you received was correct and the latest email was simply an error on the part of Olympus advertising.

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