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Re: BLH-1 compact dual USB travel charger

Originally Posted by Harbrimar View Post
I always been a little reticent about using 3rd party battery chargers with OEM batteries (I only use OEM batteries in my cameras). However, there are other methods of charging your batteries from a 12v source using OEM charger and that is by using an Inverter.


I have a slightly larger inverter which I have used for many years without any problems or my car battery going flat!
Yes, I share your reticence. I doubt any of them are as reliable as Oly originals, which is a real issue if you're out in the boonies for a long time.

So far I have only taken the ExPro USB charger along as an additional, lightweight resource to add to one or two Oly original chargers. It has been useful, for example in Botswana tented safari lodges where power is only available for a limited number of hours per day, and is subject to regular outages anyway. It's important to maximise your time for charging. The ExPro does fully charge original Oly BLH-1s.

My particular needs don't normally stretch to in-car charging. In fact, on the same safari trips most of the vehicles either had one or two 240v UK-style sockets, or USB 2.1A sockets. The engines are usually switched on and off so often I'm also a bit concerned that might damage the batteries, too!

Too much Oly gear.
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