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Re: Pushing Tri-X

Originally Posted by Otto View Post
I haven't used Pan F but it is not noted for "snow" so reticulation is probably the most likely cause. That said though modern films are very resistant to that. Perhaps it had been damaged in storage before you got it?
I wondered that. I tend to freeze films if I am not planning to use them for a while or if they are short dated. This is probably unnecessary with B&W but I like to keep films fresh.

I have never had a problem with any other film including FP4 and HP5 so it seems unlikely that freezing Pan F would cause this problem but searches online suggest that my experience is not a one-off.

However, if it really was reticulation I would have expected to be able to see some kind of crazing under a microscope - which I can't; just a very fine dense snow-like effect in the scanned images.

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