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Re: LCD screen

Originally Posted by Keith-369 View Post
How strange. I know the diagram is in relation to the E-M5 ii but my E-M1 ii works the same and there are stops to prevent turning the wrong way.

Surely no one would try to force the screen against the stops. (admittedly, occasionally, the little 'lumps' you have to turn against can feel a little stiff, but if it won't go then don't force it, madness if you do IMHO). There could, of course, be so little tolerance when you get to the stop that it all goes wrong if trying too hard but surely the stops are secure enough and the cable has enough tolerance to prevent this happening.

A lesson for us all to be just that extra bit more careful/gentle with our screens.

Thanks for the info, much appreciated you came back to show us.

I have never forced beyond any stops.i am very careful with the screen. Will try not use the screen I will now be wary.not convinced by the quality.

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