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OFR / RAVpower files query

Hi all,

I'm back again, it's been a while but I am absolutely loving my E-510.

I have had a bit of nightmare transferring files as we only have iPads so using a USB input has proved unsuccessful.

A good friend recommended the All in one filehub by ravpower RP-WD03, a wireless router, media sharing and 6000mAh ext battery.. Slight problem, my iPad seems to have discovered the folder but when it tries to read the files it states it is not supported..They are coming up as ORF files in a DCIM folder..

This would be great if it works as it means we can access my photos without messing around with cables or old laptops..Please tell me there's a way around this. I am using an iPad Air.

If you can shed any light on this it will be greatly received, thanks.
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