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Photoshop CS3 vs Mac

I don't really know where I should post this so I have chosen this spot. If it is unapropriate I am sure that it will get moved to the right place.
I am attaching a chronicle of ongoing problems that I have had and I hope that someone might have an incling of what is going on and excuse me for such a long winded problem.

June 12th’08 I called Adobe re the problems I have been having with Photoshop since I installed the upgrade to Tiger called Leopard. Prior to the new OS I had no problems with PS. With their direction I uninstalled PS and reinstalled it. My customer number is 100241277 and the case number is/was 180268450.

July 2/08 called Adobe re previous calls and the inability to transfer from Bridge to Photoshop. I downloaded “Cyberduck” and transferred a number of files to be analyzed by Adobe and was told that the matter would be transferred to a “higher” authority. The error message that I was getting was:
“The Application Bridge quit unexpectedly. Mac 0SX and other applications are not affected. Check Relaunch to launch the application.”

July 7th’08 after being advised that it was an operating system problem I called Mac and the techs name was Matt who had me uninstall and reinstall with all updates case #100109515

I later called back and got Andy who again had me uninstall and reinstall.

July 28th I received a call from Adobe to see if I had been able resolve the issues and at that time I told them that I had not and that I had been in touch with Mac

Aug 7th’08 again called Adobe, spoke to Rachel who took all the details and indicated that I should be talking to a level 2 IT. I indicated that I had no problem with PS if I started from scratch turning on the computer however the problem seemed to occur when I left the ‘puter in sleep mode and then attempted to use PS where upon it crashed.

It also crashed when I went from Lightroom to PS

Aug 11th’08 I opened PS only to get the following error message “Licensing for this product has stopped working. You cannot use this product at this time. You must repair the problem by uninstalling and then reinstalling this product or Adobe customer service for help”

I opened Bridge, clicked on an image and then double clicked to go to PS and got this message:
“same as above”

Aug 12th’08 spoke to Robert at Adobe who attempted ti fix problem similar to the session of July 12th He took my phone number uninstalled PS using clean sweep, rebooted in safe mode..reinstalled PS

Aug 18th’08 I called Adobe head office 408-536-6000 told them of the problems that I was encountering and they took my number and said that they would call back

Aug 18th’08 got the message “Photoshop an unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred. Photoshop will now exit” I again spoke to PS to Stephen who suggested that we unable the automatic download of updates??? I spoke to a number 1 level after consultation with a number 2 level said that it was not a software issue rather it was a OS problem.

Aug 19th’08 received a call from Andrew who is replacement media Tech Support and suggested a new copy of PS be sent, that I reformat the whole drive and then install only PS and see how it worked and if it did to install the rest of my software one at a time checking out to insure that the program was still working fine. I did not do this as I was afraid of having problems greater than I already have.

Sept 3rd’08 Spoke to Rob at Mac service and he suggested that I leave the computer in the sleep mode but in the morning that I restart the system.
this problem has continued until again I called

Oct 27th’08 called Mac was transferred to Graham level 2 1-877-388-0879 ext 84349 and again on

Nov 11th’08 spoke to Riley and then Shaun at Mac Case # 109618430 and they suggested that it was not an OS problem but software and suggested that I call Adobe again at the same time they also thought that it might be caused by plug ins but did not elaborate.

I have been unable to use Photoshop and today January 9th 2009 I gave it another try. I opened Bridge
clicked on an image and used command O promptly getting the following message which by the way I have had before:
Licensing for this product has stopped working. You cannot use this product at this time. You must repair the problem by uninstalling and then reinstalling this product or contacting your IT administrator or Adobe Customer support for help.

In all the conversations with all of the above I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Photoshop with the assistance of either Adobe Level 2 ITs or Mac Level 2 Its at least 6 times. If I start the system up fresh Photoshop works but as I leave the system asleep for any period within a day or overnight Adobe fails to operate.
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