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Re: Thinking of taking the plunge on an E-M1

Originally Posted by Wolfie View Post
The Sony body alone is twice the launch price of the E-M1 and takes FF lenses with all the weight and bulk that implies. And the expense to actually get good glass that performs as up to the Pro Zuiko or Leica lenses.
Vive la difference.
Don't really see any more direct competition from Sony A7R II than with a Canon 5D MkIII.
Sorry, rechecked the price of the Sony body: make that three times the price of an E-M1 ...

But I'm no anti-Sony fanboy - I applaud the way they are advancing mirrorless technology and pushing the envelope into the DSLR realm, and hopefully surpass it.
But in the world of optics a bigger sensor will require bigger glass. You can make the body any thickness you want, you then have the imbalance of skinny body and big heavy lenses - which will give poor handling.
The whole point of M43 is that it deliberately chose a smaller sensor and in return gets smaller, lighter lenses.
If you want the 35 mm legacy of bulk and weight, go for it! It used to be a lightweight format, but the film age is over and the digital reality is that APS and M43, even 1-inch sensors now, can produce quality that is more than sufficient for a lot of high quality professional publications.
I'd much rather have 3 E-M1 bodies than one A7!
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