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Re: How about a bi-weekly/monthly challenge for here too...?

OK, time presses on and I think there's a general consensus on here that some form of challenge would be welcomed by everyone - the replies here certainly suggest this is so.

So... I hope I don't offend Ian or anyone else on here if I take the plunge, stick my neck out and kick this off with the very first EGC: i.e. e-group Challenge.

Please remember this will only be only a test run and Ian can amend the rules and guidelines if need be - in fact I suggest we do actually review the format after the first challenge.

I just wanted to at least make an attempt to get something up and running on here whilst we are, in the main, off from work and perhaps more readily available to click away with our new toys (well... some of us!! )

So, here's the link to the very first EGC... I hope you don't mind my doing this, please enjoy.

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