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Re: Computer choice Mac or PC

@ian_p: I very rarely use SUDO-type command-line stuff in Linux; and end up at START>RUN in Windows more often, in fact. Maybe there's a bit more hunting to be had with all the different Linux flavours, but I'm not a geek, and uncommonly refer to them, sweaty or otherwise. If there's a problem, Google is my friend, as with Windows ! BUT, learning is potentially more useful in Linux as it usually isn't a workaround, as I stated. Okay, if you only use it once, it makes no difference whether it's a workaround or not, whatever it is !

Also, Windows advice is usually more widespread, and can be more centralised, yes: there're more Windows users. And more Windows problems ?!

"Unless... you hit a snag. And then, unless you are have some sort of geek credentials, you are screwed! And doomed to have to blindly follow cryptic instructions from sweaty on-line nerds." This, to me, describes my experience in all three operating systems - Windows, Mac, or Linux - when things go badly wrong. Which they usually don't, in all three :-D

@tomphotfx - sorry, I didn't read the whole thread in detail. Of course, if AV is in the mix, then good graphics cards and lots of RAM is in order - extra £££, and then the discussion makes Windows / Mac more comparable.

I'm just adding my 2d. I like the principles of Open Source.

I also don't see the point of scrapping a machine when a software re-install is all that's required, or an extra gig or two of RAM would help. All too often I've "rescued" machines for nowt for their owners, and it's a frustrating waste, IMO.

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