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Re: Computer choice Mac or PC

Windoze machines always get slower and dopier with crud as time and usage goes on. I'd suggest reinstalling the software in the first instance, but after making sure what you need to reinstall. OR, you could replace the hard drive, do a fresh install, and get an adapter to use the old hard drive so you don't lose anything (not that you would). Hard drive re-installation isn't difficult.

As a second option, you could get an Ubuntu or Mint (Linux) on a CD or pendrive, and do a live install on your present machine to see if it zips along, or is sluggish and slow. I reckon it'd be fine.
If you don't like it, move on.

If you do, or you're at least tempted, then you could convert that computer to Linux flavour, and install "Wine" to allow specific Windows applications to run. "Libre Office" is free office software, GIMP is what use for photoediting, and there's a host of other stuff available mostly for free.

"Unless... you hit a snag. And then, unless you are have some sort of geek credentials, you are screwed! And doomed to have to blindly follow cryptic instructions from sweaty on-line nerds."
This isn't much different from if Windows or Macs hit a snag. The difference is that you're using workaraounds with Windows and Macs, as the software is proprietary. With Linux variants, any work on solving problems is actually useful to you in the long run: it'll not usually be a workaraound !

So far, all you've spent is time - unless you got a new HDD.

If you want to go a step further, you could set up a dual boot system, with Windows on one partition and Ubuntu, say, on another - more recent Windows flavours don't shut down, though, they sleep, which can cause problems if you had a third partition with your data on it. Windows wouldn't allow Ubuntu to access it :-( Dual boot is my preferred option for newly-acquired laptops.
(Edit: Partitions on the SAME hard drive; separate hard drives / external hard drives used for data storage = no problem)

Okay, if this doesn't work out, or you've set your mind on a new laptop, my advice would be not to t spend more than GBP 300 unless you really want to ! No need, IMO.

So, that precludes Macs.

However, Macs have far better screens in general, and are better for photoediting out of the box.

I get round this by having purchased a separate mega-screen, which I plug into my latop when I really want good editing of photos. I usually don't bother, though. I'm not selling anything at the moment, so don't see the point in the extra hassle. Mega-screen will last for ten years or more.

I use all sorts of computers, including Macs. Macs are a dream to use, applications might crash, but the system rarely does (due to the way applications are written for use to RAM and the HDD when in use); Windows usually works fine, but when you start getting Blue Screens, you keep getting them - and a "bad" piece of software, or two pieces that conflict, will take down your whole system. Also, Windows get cruddier and cruddier with memory-resident junk (Adobe are terrible for it, as are some Antivirus applications), so a re-install every couple of years is on order. This can take hours, especially if you've lots of software - compared to Ubuntu, say, which takes no more than half an hour, and most of the applications are ready-installed.

I use Windows for work (or Macs), and Ubuntu for play. That way I keep the junk off Windows, and it means I'm much less likely to get progressive slowing of the system, and have been relatively virus-free: Linux doesn't get them, but you do have to keep up with your updates (just like you probably do in Windows).

Any comments, I'm happy to address them here, or by PM.

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