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Re: Computer choice Mac or PC

Originally Posted by theMusicMan View Post
Vurus's: OK, I gather the latest software for Windows (free or otherwise) is very good at keeping those pesky critters at bay, so the risk of being infected on a Win machine is being well managed. However, in all the years I have had a Mac, my (ex) wife, my daughter, my son: 7 years in total, across 6 machines (I upgraded once and I bought my wife a Macbook Air a few years ago - I have never installed any anti virus software on any of the machines and we've never had a virus.
Ah, the old Virus debate! I must admit that I can't remember the last time I had a virus on a Windows machine either, but yes I do run free AV solutions.

Unfortunatly these days most viruses etc are spread through phishing attempts and social engineering designed to get users to click on something they shouldn't, and your Mac won't offer you any more protection from doing something silly yourself.
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