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Re: New Firmware 2.0

Originally Posted by Invicta View Post
I wonder why Oly are calling the new ISO "LOW" rather than ISO 100?

On my other brand of camera ISOs called low and high are named like this as a warning that some aspect of image quality is being traded for the extra ISO.

Does anybody have an E-M1 manual that describes the LOW ISO? Are there any notes about image quality e.g. highlight data at the low ISO?
there appears to be general agreement that the greatest DR is available at 200, and has been since the E30 came out.

there is general agreement that using 100 will reduce noise over 200 - however whilst this was definitely a factor even in general shooting with the 30 is has become increasingly less of one with the recent models; with both the Sony sensor in the EM-5 and the Panasonic one in the EM-1 many argue that it's simply not a factor in properly exposed images (and hence they shoot at, and recommend, 200 regardless - McGillicuddy is an example).

some will point to tests that illustrate a higher degree of detail in shots at 100 (based on RAW file size) but others will point out that you only have to have a tiny degree of increased exposure on a file to increase the file size dramatatically and is 100 really 100 etc etc

personally I've shot 200 since the E30 but have always recomended that people do what gives them their best results - you can't seperate the issue from exposure preferenes and image rendering workflow when considering any practical differences.

as to Olympus - in the manual they state that 200 gives the best balance between noise and DR; in discussion that will point out that 200 is the native sensor sensitivity.
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