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Re: My photo on front page of Olympus' website.

Yes I saw that, from today but they stated they would have a link to my work "anywhere" the image was used, I.e. on their Olympus impressions website also.

Update: ok from the third, but I never submitted to the competition, I just posted some shots last month and they said they would like to use it on their website for this months nocturnal theme. Agreeing that wherever they used the image (my terms) there would be a direct link to my website which there hasn't been from the start. I didn't even know they used it until I was looking up the website myself.

I don't want to fall out with Anyone, my point is agreeing to terms then not actually agreeing and croppin4 and using the image without finishing our terms of agreement.

Thanks for the help so far. Sorry about the small attachments, haven't quite got the hang of inserting large images from this tablet.

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