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Re: F15 Eagle - Cad West

Originally Posted by Wally View Post
Hi! and welcome again. Hope this post will provide you with some answers?

That photo was taken in Wales which has some very, very good plane spotting locations - Cad West being just one - all within a few miles of each other. You'll meet a great bunch of toggers all willing to help out with tips etc.

The following link will provide an introduction to Low Level training routes.

Try this link to get started. Plenty of info and other links which are well worth looking into for additional viewing for locations and how to get there.

For a variety of close knit locations, each offering completely different vantage points then the Wales locations are probably the dog's doodahs.

I based myself over a week at Dolgelau. The plane spotting locations, Cad West, Cad East, The Bwlch etc., are 10 - 15 minutes away by car - with good parking = a bonus. Just be prepared to go mountain climbing which might take on an additional - for me 30 minutes or so.

Take plenty of fluids / grub as it really is a complete day's outing. The locations are wide open to the elements and the weather can be very unpredictable. Would advise a 'pop-up' tent just in case. I was lucky and was offered a share by other toggers.

The Welsh Mach Loop is located within LFA7LF and probably offers the biggest variety of aircraft - also used by foreign Air Forces / linked photo's will offer that proof.

Finally, like everything else in life, nothing is guaranteed.
This is one place I really want to visit.

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