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Thumbs up Re: Nikon and Canon pursue more competition.

A great ending! With all of the hoopla about megapixels, your discussion on the computer side is very valid. As the file gets larger, it puts more demand on other resources to produce larger files. Thus the cost is not just the camera and lenses, it also entails the post processing. If you print at home on a 8 or 10 ink cartridge Epson, Canon, or HP (wide carraige) the cost for replacing these cartridges is very high.

We need to put all of this in perspective and understand all of the issues and determine the point where more will only dictate more diminishing returns. When I owned 35MM rigs I held on to them for at least 5 years before I started to turn over the equipment. In today's scenario, it is way faster, but does more really give you more, or less?

10 to12 megapixels really gives the majority of end users enough data to get prints from 16x20 down to the standard 4x6s. Several days ago I sent a JPEG from my E520 and edited it, then uploaded it to MPix an online print house. When I selected the 16x20 size for the enlargement, it stated that my 11 plus Meg JPEG could actually be used to make a 20x30 So 24.3 megs? I guess with that much data I can make a wall mural.

My point here is we need to stop the more and demand the quality. I am with you on the current breed that we own and use. Maybe we should do more critquing of the the output and not so much emphasis on the light box-camera!

Dennis G
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