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Re: Nikon and Canon pursue more competition.

While that is true you need to look at those already using '3 Chip Technology'

Remember that it's not just a matter of Olympus producing products that we as Olympus users want, they have to compete for sales against the likes of Canon/Nikon. While they may not compete directly against the Full Frame models they need to compete with the lower end of the market but that market is driven by the promise of higher end products and the image that a company has due to it Pro user base. In that respect Olympus have to compete with the likes of the 1 DSmk111/D-3/D-700/a900 whether they or we like it or not.

It doesn't really matter what technology is best, Canikon are the main players in the DSLR field, in fact they own the ball and as such make the rules. The pro market has certain requirements and all Canikon need to do to ensure that the DSLR rules are to their liking, playing to their strengths, is to only provide those features in a product that they make and want to continue to make. They are not going to change to a system that places them on level terms with the competition regardless of what advances technology brings, they'll incorporate it as far as they can while still producing DSLR's in a form which is really only a evolution of what they now have and what preceded their current models.

IMO of course
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