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Re: Nikon and Canon pursue more competition.

Originally Posted by R MacE View Post
I think Olympus are in for a rough ride unfortunately. I'm satisfied with the E-System in general, sure there are things that I'd like or directions that I'd like to see Olympus go but I don't see it happening. It seems that the market still demands 'Full Frame' and a high pixel count and they don't really care how big the equipment is.

If Pentax/Samsung release a Full Frame that leaves Olympus on it's own with the smallest sensor in the DSLR sector, they don't make their own sensors and IMO the Panasonic sensor isn't as good as some of the others, add to that the fact that Olympus are effectively tied to using Panasonic sensors.

How are Olympus going to sell DSLR's when the only upgrade path from an entry level DSLR is a more expensive version with exactly the same sensor?

I certainly didn't expect Full Frame to take off like it has and in any case it's not something that I'm interested in unless they can get the size down to something smaller than an E-3. Olympus haven't listened to their user base, how many times have you heard people say they wanted a High Spec E-4**? what do Olympus suggest, a down-specced micro 4/3rds compact.

What m4/3rds suggest is that Olympus know that they won't be able to compete in the DSLR sector for much longer so they're trying to create a new sector which they hope to fill with m4/3rds.

I accept that the DSLR market is a small percentage of overall cameras sales so I don't expect Olympus to drop out of the market completely but it's only the E-System that interests me so where do they go from here. There's only so much they can add to their current range that makes them more attractive than the competition and even if they did come up with some major new breakthrough the competition will quickly adopt it. Olympus can't re-write the laws of physics, sure they can improve DR but others will have similar DR but a higher pixel count (which seems to be important for the market) It's becoming increasingly clear that they can't hope to off-set the linitation of a small sensor by producing a smaller system, nobody sems to care about the physical size.

I really don't know where the E-System is headed, anyone else got an opinion?

I think that you are crying woe rather too soon - most of the Photokina offerings from Oly are not yet even rumoured, and we probably should wait a couple of weeks before evaluating them against the opposition. Just to start restart a rumour I put onto the AP site a few weeks ago here is a description of a "triad" sensor.

If Oly adopted something like that they could easily match full frame IQ and still use the current glass (with all its enormous advantages) and the laws of physics would not even need to be bent.

I suspect that it would be difficult to get such a sensor into a conventional mirror box but we know that a major advance in EVF is coming, don't we?


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