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Re: Worcester walkabout

Originally Posted by brianvickers View Post
I like the signals, nice primary colours and the sky played its part too; is that sign for the foxes perhaps; I like the Guilhall window and reflection too. The 40 - 150 does a good job with the E-M5 but I am interested to know how well you think it compares with your DSLRs?
Well I am pleased with the 14-150,it's not as good as my other 4/3 lenses if you pixel peep but as a walk round with a very good range it's great,so light.
It's fairly sharp if you use it at f7.1 over all the zoom range.Its main downfall is it will colour fringe but this is easy to remove in PP.
Now if you compare it for example to the 12-60 on the E-M5 the results you can get are stunning with that lens.the focus is slow but not very slow and it is very accurate.The same goes for the 14-54 but it's slower.

Thanks all for the comments.
All the best

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