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Re: Who's E an apology

Originally Posted by Who's_E View Post

Thanks, apology accepted and comments gratefully received.

I'm not going to get hung up on it. At the end of the day the enjoyment for me lies in taking the photo and recording moments.

Entering the Challenge was a by-product of having taken the photo in the time window. I will be entering Challenges in future as I think they are a great idea for getting one out of a "photographic subject rut" and building skills.

Please don't fall on your sword, we need you to run the site

Hi Nick,

I've just caught up with this thread. What a wonderful attitude you have, it's this type of tolerance and good humour when things go wrong that help make this such a friendly and pleasant forum.

And what a fantastic photo.

You're a gentleman, and a damn fine photographer, sir!

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