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Re: Any experience of OM lenses on DSLRs?

Surprised no one has mentioned John Foster's useful tests of OM lenses: and

This Flickr group may also be of interest:

I found legacy lenses almost unusable on the E500 because of the small viewfinder, but a KatzEye screen made it more feasible. I was still irritated by the faff of focus, compose, stop-down, and shoot however. I thought I'd left that behind with my Practika IVF... One of the reasons for going digital was having AF, so I abandon it with reluctance.

I did a few experiments with Live View on the E510, especially with macro using extension tubes, but I was never very happy with them. The only image I really liked was with an old Sirius 500mm mirror lens (, but achieving optimum focus wasn't easy, even with LV. Why is it that Oly won't do a firmware update with Focus Confirmation. Allegedly the Russian Dandelion chips and experiments on DP Review show it could be done...

I find the brighter viewfinder of the E1 a good deal easier to work with and will persevere with my few remaining OM lenses.

I understand Hexanons have a number of fans ( - including one I've seen described as "the sharpest lens ever made..."
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