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Old 19th September 2010
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Re: Pete's Photoshop tricks

The Orton slide sandwich:

This is another technique I liked the look of. I did try it in my film days, and it proved a lot more difficult than it looks...

Here's a short explanation about the general idea

OK, let's get stuck in. Here is an example, together with the original for reference

I've opted for a fairly subtle approach, but you can beef up the effect if that's what you're after.

Reset foreground/background to black/white
Duplicate current layer
On the new layer, do a Gaussian blur with radius = 10 pixels
Set the layer mode to "Screen" (as opposed to "Lighten" for example)
Set the new layer visibility to 80%
Now flatten the image
Set the "Levels" centre slider to 0.6

You should end up with the well saturated but slightly dreamy look above...

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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