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Re: So, is the AF better with firmware 3?

Originally Posted by Olybirder View Post
I think it is.
Taken late this evening. I haven't checked all my other shots but it seems to acquire and hold focus better than before in C-AF mode. I think this is possibly the best Barn Owl shot I have achieved so far, so I am happy.

Cracking shot, Ron.

May I ask about your settings there - CAF alone, how many focus points, lock setting? Also, what drive FPS?

I had an hour shooting dragonflies amid water and reeds, and overhead buzzards on Friday, and I formed the impression that initial acquisition of focus and holding of focus was a notch better against clear sky (all points CAF, 15fps, -2). Bursts of images gave a high proportion in focus.

However, following the insects flying in front of reeds wasn't any different, although initial acquisition was maybe quicker (9 point, other settings unchanged). Unfortunately I didn’t have time to try the latter test with lock at zero or even +1, which might have been better.

Trouble is, this sort of test is highly variable and subjective, influenced by all sorts of one-off variables and settings (and by hope!). Over time we will build up more of an accurate idea, but of course our individual skills improve naturally over time as well.

I am going back to the buzzard/dragonfly site next week, so I shall try to continue the test.

BTW Paul (Walti) would you be free any days next week and interested to join me? The pools are near Barton.

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