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Re: No Manual Focus Assist with the 17mm 1.8???

Originally Posted by Talkingdrum View Post
I posted this last night but it seems to have disappeared??? (maybe I only pressed "preview post" and not "submit reply".)
Anyway here it is again:
Here is a screen shot from a review on youtube of this lens. Whilst extolling the virtues of the manual clutch the reviewer failed to notice that he has just focused PAST infinity! - a long way past (see attached picture)
Having established in this thread that the clutch is not meant for engaging manual focus in any normal sense but merely to put it into manual and to use the depth of field scale for focusing, this requires an accurate depth of field scale. My depth of field scale is the same as in the reviewer's. It's not just out, it is WAY OUT! It is utterly useless for that purpose as well.
Surely the everyone who has bought this lens has paid a percentage of the cost of their purchase (the implementation of this feature won't have come cheap) on something that is totally unfit for purpose - any purpose!
Incidentally I checked my Olympus pro lens (the only other 4/3 lens I own as I am new to this system) and the distance scale goes so far beyond infinity it's in another galaxy! Again I'm speechless.
I think we've got it now that you're not impressed with the MF clutch on the 17mm f1.8! In a sense I agree with you - I think it's a pretty lame feature, but since I rarely use MF it's not something that bothers me. You'll find the same problem exists on pretty much all the mirrorless cameras using their native lenses. It's just how it is. The systems are designed for AF.

If MF that stops at infinity + mirrorless is really how you want to operate I think your best bet is to use a proper mechanically linked MF lens together with a Sony A7. The Sony A7 series offer excellent focus peaking and together with a huge selection of 35mm legacy lenses (the Olympus OM lenses included) and native MF lenses like the Zeiss Loxia you'll get the experience you're seeking. I don't think that drive-by-wire MF trickery is going to deliver what you're looking for.

Well, either that or a Leica rangefinder?
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