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Re: No Manual Focus Assist with the 17mm 1.8???

Well, each to their own, but my experience is that AF works extremely well in nearly all circumstances. Since going to u43 I've used AF probably 98% of the time and I hardly ever get out of focus shots. In fact, I probably had a higher % of OOF shots during my time with the manual-focus-only CV 17.5 than with any of the AF lenses.

I understand all of Talkingdrum's points about the potential for making bad assumptions on what's in focus in the green rectangle but with a little care and understanding of how the system works the problems are pretty insubstantial IMHO.

The point about focusing on the eye is a good one, but the Olympus eye detect AF feature is superb and it makes perfectly sharp portraits much easier than MF.

I'm no Johnny-come-lately who has never used MF either - I started with a Practica L back in the 70s. But I like the fact that technology can make our lives easier and deliver better results.
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