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Re: Communal Dragonfly, Butterfly and Insect photo thread

Hazel Leaf-Roller Weevil Gets Airborne.

I knew this beetle had only just landed, as I had passed by only moments before and it wasn’t there. It was on the leaves of Goldenrod. Last year, I had seen one on a Hazel leaf only a pace from where this one has landed.

I got some shots and wanted some variety of views. So, I used the scientific approach. I prodded it with my finger. It started walking around, gradually becoming more agitated. It flexed one elytron and I focused and framed for the anticipated take-off. However you describe its attitude at the moment of launch, “elegant” is not the word!

The first image is the last one shot but the others are in sequence.

EM-1, Kiron 105mm f16, twin TTL falsh, hand-held.


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