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Re: Beyond Facebook

Originally Posted by PeterBirder View Post
Which brings to mind "The King's Singers" . Remember them? They did a recording of "The Highway Code" set to an Anglican Chant.
The original recording of the Highway Code is available on YouTube, and is an excellent example of Anglican Chant; still used by some choirmasters I believe!

Originally Posted by PeterBirder View Post
Actually, for me John's amusing observation highlights what I perceive to be a worrying trend that is evolving out of "social media". We seem to be developing generations of people who don't appear to be able to discriminate between "real World" social interaction and the "virtual" world with sometimes disasterous consequenses, not to mention murdering the English language.
It is a worrying trend indeed. It concerns me that some people now seem unable to communicate except by using text speak, but it concerns me even more that some are so engrossed in social media that they will walk across a busy road without once lifting their eyes from their smartphones.

Maybe Darwinism and natural selection will help to preserve humankind from itself?

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