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Re: More Brighton with EM-1

I'm sorry, but all of these are blurred, i have had my em-1 for just over a week now, and i am getting the same.
about 30% of my shots are out of focus, not cosistantly, it is happening with all lenses, apertures and shutter speeds. one shot can be tack sharp, the next blurred.
I have repeated settings lenses etc on the em-5 with no problems.
Some photos taken at 1/10 sec ok, some 4000 sec blurred, these should be easy shots with this stabilizer.
this is also NOT camera shake.
One or two more are reporting this problem, i'm at a loss, going to ring Olympus.
Any one else out there having same problem.
I am not critisizing youre photo's, they are good, just out of focus.
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