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Re: EM-1 Lock-up Information

just to remove one obvious possibility I have put the 75-300 on my tripod, with IS on (IS/1) and IS off and run off a few shots using the back of a CD as the target. Even at 1/6th sec the text is sharp up to and including 300mm, with and without IS (I know one should turn IS off when using a tripod but I wanted to double check what I was looking for)

It was also sharp (even sharper) doing the same thing with my 60mm macro, which is how it should be.

I got the same results with SAF and CAF set

So, I can conclude from these results that the fault is not with the 75-300 lens

I also repeated my hand-held shooting of my local focus test target at about 200m distance (a metal girder tower structure on the nearby water treatment plant) trying a variety of different hand-holding techniques and found the same - blur until after 1/500th sec (with IS/1 set) - hmmm?
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