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Re: E-420 converted to full spectrum

Hi there everyone!

I'm not sure about the micro four-thirds being any easier as I think you would still have to remove the sensor from behind the shutter, for the simple reason that I think the SSWF filter glass is larger than the shutter aperture (I know you can open the shutter for cleaning, but I don't think youy get to see the whole of the SSWF filter glass). Therefore you would still have to open the camera up and remove the sensor from behind the shutter mechanism. That being said, the E-PL1 seems to be a popular conversion to do (I haven't added on to my collection yet, but do keep getting tempted!)

Second attempt at cleaning behind the SSWF today, it looks like I've got all the bits of dust today, I'll just have to see how it goes. Now for some sunshine (he says, watching the snow fall).

Cheers, Ralph.
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