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E-420 converted to full spectrum

Hi everyone!

I've finally got round to converting my E-420 to full spectrum, taking out the hot mirror and replacing it with some quartz glass instead. This means that I can now use it for IR photography, or with an external hot mirror as a normal camera.

I chose to go full spectrum rather than just do an IR conversion because I wasn't sure which spectrum of IR would work best for me, and this gives me the option of switching between different IR filters, but being able to use pretty much normal exposures. I currently have an 850nm and a 760nm filter, and intend to get a 720nm and a 650nm filter too, to see which gives the best effect. I've put the first few attempts in an album (my first on here, this is also my first thread).

If people are interested I can put up some pictures of the conversion up, but please don't hold me responsible if you have a try and something goes wrong - I took a chance with this and realised there was a risk of messing it up (checking todays images it does look like I have a dust spot or two under the SSWF which means I'll have to open it up again!)

The other thing I have noticed is that without the hot mirror the images look noticably sharper - the difference without the anti-aliasing filter built into the hot mirror is more visible than I had expected!

Cheers for reading,

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