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Re: The Drystone Walls of Pine Hut Road.

Hi again!

Our friend the ever-fiddling Ross knows more than me about reading the EXIF of posted images, so he has kindly pointed out that you DID use the E520 and 12-60. I thought that since you had C-760 under your signature and the rest of your equipment further down you were using the compact for the images in that post My mistake.

Anyway, you used the best kit, and the rest of my suggestions for post-processing and perpectives stand. Incidently if you did shoot these in RAW, you have the option of using the graduated ND filter over the skies to add a bit of tone and reducing the blown highlights, much as in-the-field filtering would do, at less cost. I use Lee filters I was given as a gift, and they are frightfully expensive , so I really like the "filter" in the RAW converter as it can be adjusted so much better. It can be used reversely to give more light if you have a too dark background as well.

Thanks, Ross for pointing out the mistake

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