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Re: Second Hand Lenses

Originally Posted by jonesy View Post
Hi All

Can anyone help me please. Roughly, how much would be the going price for a second hand 11-22 f2.8 Oly lens.

I'm currently looking around for one, having been persuaded that its better to have the couple of extra f-stops than a couple of extra mm.

I've seen a few of these lenses around, but I want to make sure I dont end up paying too much.

Many thanks
Good that you're looking around for the 11-22mm lens as it is a super piece of glass. However, please don't dismiss the 9-18mm as this too is a superb lens. I was kindly loaned the lens by a good friend off here a few weeks ago and I found it excellent and even though I have the 11-22mm, I now know what my next lens purchase will be (unless I win a small amount on the lotto tomorrow when I would then - without a shadow of a doubt - buy the absolutely stunning, awesome kit that is... the Oly 7-14mm)

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