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How does it do it?

Hello all, from a new forum user. I just had my first serious outing with my new EM-1 a weekend in Berlin. I got some very nice results by playing with a couple of features/modes, the kind of things I don't usually use, but wanted to see what they did. Now I'm so impressed, I want to know HOW it did it!

I tried Art Filter "Dramatic Tone" at the Holocaust memorial got some interesting effects on the stonework, and 'dramatic' skies. I'd like to have an idea how to recreate the effect in Photoshop or Lightroom anyone have any ideas *what* this filter does?

Then mode "Night Scene" gave excellent hand-held results of the Sony Centre by night. In this mode, I can't seem to select a single focus point as I do in aperture mode; other than selecting an appropriate aperture/speed and stabilising the shot, does Night Mode do anything special I couldn't do 'manually', and thus keep my ability to select my target focus point?

And I may be missing something on panorama mode I thought it would stitch several shots together automatically into a panorama, they way my previous CSC (Sony NEX) did, but no joy. Do I have to do this the old-fashioned way, by hand, and if so, what's the point of 'panorama mode', when you could just shoot the same sequence individually anyway?

All that said, and while I'm still at the start of the EM-1 learning curve, I'm impressed by it so far I suspect it's a far better photographer than I am!
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