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Re: Support your local shop?

Originally Posted by Greytop View Post
Occasionally I feel sorry for some of these youngsters who lets face it have been literally dumped in at the deep end. I wouldn't like to be in their shoes, doing a job that I'm probably not in the least bit interested and being paid pretty poorly for it.
It's the old Jessops chicken and egg syndrome, knowledge & experience verses poor pay/poor job satisfaction.
I agree with you Huw. Here in Glasgow we have Jessops and Jacobs high street chain stores. The assistants in the main tend to be young and are obviously schooled in making the sale rather than imparting (possible) knowledge. I think the exuberance of youth in a technical environment also is a factor. We also have Calumet which is in an out of the way industrial estate to the north of the city. This is staffed with older people who appear (to my mind) genuinely interested in photography and are keen to assist. In my dealings with them there certainly hasn't been any anti-Olympus comment though they don't stock any Olympus equipment. Lastly we have merchantcitycameras which is a small independant who buy and sell both new and secondhand kit. Their staff again seem to know their stuff and are getting on in years. The only problem is that they are way too expensive in comparison to either the chain stores or the internet.
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