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E-5 repair experience, seems good...

I just got my dead E-5 repaired out of warranty, so I thought I would post the details of how it went in case this is useful to others.

The E-5 was powering up with non-working shutter having given me a sequence of images with black areas like something obscuring it, finally totally black images then shutter not releasing at all. This happened on a trip, so pretty annoying (but I had an old E-3 as spare luckily).

I used the Olympus Europe online repair service. You register your online account for the service, then register the repair. You can register multiple repair items - so I registered the main issue and also for a replacement LCD screen glass, as I had scratched it (actually I asked for a quote on that in the text - but they didn't separate that out in their repair quote). For the repair items you select multiple choice items that match the problem, but there is a text area for you to explain it in more detail. The repair is then registered and you can print off a label for posting it to some address in Nottingham and a tracking form to put in the box. You also get an email from Olympus for tracking the repair via a website link. I packed up the camera and sent it Royal Mail insured (special delivery, 11 up to 500 value). On the camera I also went into the copyright settings and stuck my email in there as a precaution and noted down the serial number. I also took some photos of the state of the camera and packaging on my iPad. Strap, card, battery, lens were all removed from the camera. Battery is important as post office will ask if it is electronic equipment and if there is a battery in it - it seemed like they would not like it if there was a battery in there.

After about 1 week the tracking and an email indicated my camera was received at the repair facility (Portugal) and I shortly got an email with a quote for the repair. The quote was detailed in a PDF file and the repair details somewhat cryptic and short - "Our service has examined you camera and recommends XYZ attention" sort of thing. The important thing being the cost. The choices are phone to accept the repair (paying by credit card), return it unrepaired for 15 or scrap it for free. I phoned up and accepted the repair and was quickly put through to the accounts people to pay on my credit card (the money bit is always quick...). There is little opportunity to discuss the repair with anyone who knows anything about it - probably if I insisted I could have. About 1 week later the repair online tracking showed that my repair was complete and the camera was sent back to me by DHL in about 2 days. The tracking site has a link to the DHL tracking (unlike Olympus Shop!). I got the camera back with a note on the repair details (mirror box replaced, rubber seals replaced, LCD screen replaced). They also replaced the screws that fell out of the tripod plate on the camera base (well known E-5 issue) and it looks like internals all cleaned as dust in viewfinder gone (and I hope sensor, but not checked fully yet). The camera seems to be working fine following some quick tests. This tank of a camera will shortly be thrown back on a 90-250mm on a tripod and lugged around nature reserves in all weather, so hopefully a few more years service will come out of it! The repair cost was a 227 - which seems a lot but E-5 still is over 500 for a decent second hand unit and over 1000 new so it seemed a good deal to me.

For anyone worried about pristine camera body (paint scratch etc) - I would say take really good photos of the state of it before sending it off. My camera looks like some marks appeared on the body where they took the LCD off the hinge with some tool - but my iPad pictures are not really good enough to tell if I had those already. I am pretty sure I didn't make symmetrical marks either side of the hinge but can't be 100% sure of it, and if the camera works as good as before I can live with it.

Enjoy your E-5s!

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