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Re: Panasonic 100-400 Photo Show saga. Buyers warning.

Originally Posted by MikeOxon View Post
There are several visual differences in the two mounts, with slightly different profiles to the flanges but, in my case, it is the Oly mount, where it looks as though plating has flaked off, to show the brass underneath.

I just went back to look at this thread prompted by a comment on Facebook and noticed the debris around the screw head in your Panny image Mike. That looks suspiciously like the remnants of small metal shavings to me. Very similar to what I saw. In fact when I tried to remove one of the larger shavings with a small pair of tweezers it shattered into several much smaller bits implying it was very brittle material hence resorting to sticky tape to remove all the small debris. Hope it's not metal debris on your lens Mike but you might want to have a closer look and give it a clean just in case.
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