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E-30 body, cheap but a bit battered!

Olympus E-30 body. It's in full working order, but has obviously taken a bump as the front of the casing is cracked by the flash (where the white Olympus lettering is). It should be pretty evident in the pictures below. Because of this, the flash pop up mechanism doesn't always release by itself, sometimes needs a little encouragement. The flash itself fires normally. Also, the battery door lever is broken. It can still be operated with your fingers, or Luton cameras list a replacement door assembly for 10 (VK536200).

Shutter count is just over 9000, and I only bought it recently as a spare body for a one off event. I never needed to use it, and have only fired off a few test shots, but everything else seems to work as it should - viewfinder is clear and free from dust, AF and picture quality is fine etc.

Comes with neck strap, battery and charger, but none of the other accessories (cables, manual, cd, box etc).

Perfect examples seem to be fetching around 200 on ebay, so I'm looking for 100+postage for this one.

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